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Types of film roller

Fenggong said that the electric film roller is the current ventilation equipment, which brings many conveniences to the majority of planters. Therefore, it is loved by the planters and has also been used to install the electric film roller. Now let's introduce the installation method of the electric film roller. Before installing the film roller, first prepare the necessary materials, steel pipes and film pressing cards. The 25 mm galvanized pipe shall be used for the steel pipe, and the 25 mm film clamp shall also be used.

After the materials are prepared, the installation is started. Before installation, first determine whether the greenhouse is roof ventilation or ventilation measurement. For roof ventilation, first make the telescopic rod, which is relatively simple, that is, insert the thin pipe into the thick pipe. It is easier to install the volume. Fix the wing root upright at one end of the greenhouse.

The electric film curler can also be connected to an automatic temperature controller, so that it is thousands of miles away. You can know the temperature in the greenhouse by using your mobile phone. According to the needs of vegetables for temperature, you can determine whether to open or close the film curler according to the temperature, so as to realize the entire automatic management.

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