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Fenggong introduces you how to adjust the roller shutter machine

1、 For the first time, the power transmission operation of the greenhouse shutter rolling machine is about 1 meter. Look at the straightening condition of the curtain. If the curtain is not straight, analyze the reasons according to the specific situation and take straightening measures. In this operation, whether the curtain is straight or not, the shed roller shutter machine shall be returned to the initial position for trial operation. First, the straw curtain shall be rolled, and second, the shed roller shutter machine shall be slightly run in.

2、 In the second power transmission operation, the shed roller shutter machine is rolled up to about 2 / 3, and step I is repeated. The purpose is still to promote the further rolling of the grass curtain and the moderate running in of the shed roller shutter machine. Then, return the shed shutter rolling machine to the initial position again.

3、 Check whether the straw curtain is rolled up neatly and straightly, and whether there is deviation; If the above phenomenon is found, continue to adjust until it meets the practical requirements. Finally, the self-adhesive safety signs shall be firmly posted on the appropriate part of the main rod of the greenhouse rolling shutter machine to show that users pay attention to operation safety.  

4、 Before the third power transmission, carefully check whether the motor and the shed roller shutter have obvious temperature rise, abnormal sound and peculiar smell. If the temperature rise does not exceed the ambient temperature of 40 ℃ and no abnormal sound and peculiar smell is found, the third power transmission operation can be carried out to make the shed roller shutter in place.

During commissioning, attention must also be paid to:  

1、 Before use, an appropriate amount of engine oil shall be injected into the body of the greenhouse roller shutter machine (the specific quantity shall be determined according to the size of the roller shutter machine), and it shall be replaced once a year in the future.

2、 During the rolling process of the shed shutter machine, the operator must stand on the two mountains of the shed with the switch in hand. It is strictly prohibited to stand in front of the shed, and stay away from the host, rotating straw curtain and thermal insulation quilt.

3、 When the curtain rolling machine of the greenhouse rolls up to 30 cm from the ceiling, it must be stopped. In case of brake failure, please quickly place the reverse switch in the reverse (reverse) direction, so that the shutter machine can be put down normally for maintenance.

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