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Daily maintenance and safe use of film winder

How to maintain the greenhouse film roll daily

The greenhouse film winder is mostly used in various greenhouses. Its components are produced by advanced technology, with long service life, and it is more convenient to install and operate. In order to ensure its service life and efficiency, we need daily Maintain it.

The greenhouse film reel should be filled with antifreeze gear oil. During the installation and use, always check the main unit and the connections for loose screws, broken or welded joints. After each use, the total power supply outside the shed should be cut off in time.

The following is a safe use for everyone:

1. According to the length, width, arch of the greenhouse and the weight of the agricultural film, select the appropriate host according to the standard, pay attention to leave a load margin, prohibit full load and overload operation, and take the necessary safety anti-theft measures for the motor .

2. According to the weight of the roll film, support rods, push rods, roll rods and bolts are equipped according to the standard to avoid unreasonable rod fittings resulting in folding rods and screw rods.

3. Cables and other power distribution equipment purchased by users should be qualified products that meet national standards to ensure the safety of electricity use and the safe operation of the host.

4. Fix the reverse switch on the support rod of the main unit, and add a control knife gate in front of the reverse switch to ensure that the power can be cut off in time when the reverse switch fails.

5. The host has already added enough qualified lubricating oil before leaving the factory, so the user does not need to add it again.

6. After the cold film is cleaned in ice and snow, the film winder should be started to prevent damage to the agricultural film due to freezing of rain and snow.

7. It is forbidden to touch the winding rod when the film winder is unwound, and the film winder should be shut down in time after it is wound up to prevent the film roll from overturning into the shed.

8. During the installation and use, the user should adjust, straighten and tighten the bolts in time when there are deviations in the upright and winding rods to ensure the normal operation of the host and the rod and extend the service life. Return List